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This award is given to public and private organizations that have designed and instituted a website that is easily accessible to and in service of persons with various disabilities for whom more opportunities for growth have been presented and whose communication skills were enhanced accordingly. 

There are three (3) categories as follows:
a.    PWD-friendly Website Award for National Government Sites – applies to official government sites with national scope which includes all the three branches, their attached agencies as well as government owned and controlled corporations.

b.    PWD-friendly Website Award for Local Government Units – applicable to all local government sites from the provinces, municipalities, cities and barangay levels.

c.    PWD-friendly Website Award for Non-Government Organizations/Corporations – covers sites that are private and those sites that are not using the .gov.phdomain name.

It follows the guidelines set under the attached “Joint NCC-NCDA Circular No.1 on Web accessibility” issued in 2010, and aims to boost the RIGHT TO INFORMATION called for in the “UN-Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities”.

To be considered for the Award, the website must meet the following criteria:
1. Compliance with Maturity Stage 1 or the Manila ICT Accessibility Design Recommendations, broken down as follows:           
a. Accessibility Statement / Access Instruction Page      
b. Proper Alternative (Alt) Text 
c.  Non-use of descriptive links (click here, more, etc.)    
d. Use of alternative mechanisms instead of forms (email address,  phone, actual address, etc.)       
e. Minimal use of pdf files or pfd files with available html or doc files      
f.  Use of captions and videos  
g. Use of descriptive page titles       
h.   Use of skip to links      
i.   Use of site maps     
j.   Non-use of flash animations    
k.   Search form on top  
l. Putting a Home link      

2.  Website's consistency in the past three years        

3.  Commitment of the website owner not to make any major revision/overhaul on their site that would affect its accessibility

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