Sunday, January 27, 2013


The award is given to recognize the employer who demonstrates leadership in providing and encouraging workplace opportunities by hiring, employing, and promoting Persons With Disabilities, with flexibility to remove work barriers and to make accomodations for PWDs to realize their full potential.

The employer or company should be:

1. Operating in the Philippines and consistently employing Filipinos with disabilities for at least the past three years.

2. Of any nationality, any business or industry, private or public:
· national/multinational chain
· individual branch or part of a chain
· individual business not part of a national chain

3. Upholding the dignity of PWDs in its employment practices

To be considered for the Award, employer nominee must meet the following criteria:

1.     Compliance with general legal requirements of enforcing laws that prohibit employment discrimination against people with disabilities

2. Long-term systematic approach to PWD employment as indicated by the following:
- proactive expansion of the number of hired PWDs.
- creation and maintenance of a disability-friendly workplace that provides accessibility or workplace modifications

3. Promotion of awareness and demonstration of the benefits of including PWDs, both to their employees and the general public.

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